Q: For those who are consuming the product for the first time, what is the recommended daily packages?

According to personal constitution and current situation. One package is for maintenance, two packages are for improvement, and three packages are for restoration.
If you have special needs, it is recommended to have more than six packs a day for the first three months.

Q: Is it suitable for pregnant women or children to eat products?

Pregnant women-it is recommended to consult with your doctor before starting any new dietary supplements.
Children-2 to 12 years old, consume half a package per day.
One package per day for those over 12 years old.

Q: The product contains fruit powder to reconcile the taste of the product. Is it edible for diabetics?

The content of fruit powder in the product is low.
When more than 24 packages are consumed in a day, then it can affect diabetic patients.
It is recommended that diabetics reduce the consumption of other sugary foods.

Q: Are there products available for those with cardiovascular and three-high diseases?

Yes, but if you are currently taking Western medicine, you should not stop taking your current medication.

Q: Where are the products manufactured? Are there any inspection certifications?

The ingredients are purchased in Europe, America, and Japan.
Our products are manufactured in Taiwan.
Factory certification-HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000 Product certification-SGS trans-resveratrol composition and content confirmation, TWD 20 million product liability insurance FDA certification.

Q: How do I order HL products?

To order your HL products, contact our customer service department through:

1. The Line App ID: rvttech11

2. E-mail: service@rvttech.com

Q: How should the product be consumed?

Re Young:

Take a sachet during or after meals. It is recommended to consume two packages a day for the first three months.

Always Relaxed :

Take a sachet on an empty stomach.
You can adjust the package according to your personal requirements.
It is recommended to consume it with plenty of water (200cc).

Q: Can forty kinds of ingredients be effectively absorbed by the body all at once?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five- Mutual Generation, a single ingredient complements a single organ. By ignoring the balance between the organs, you can cause adverse effects due to Mutual Overcoming.

According to the Five- Mutual Generation principle, a variety of compound ingredients must be used to comprehensively help maintain digestive tract function and regulate physiological functions, which can simultaneously help digestion, nourish and strengthen the body, making the effect more remarkable.

Q: How to distinguish between "side effects", "physical problems" or "improvement reactions"?

"Side effects"-eating can cause uncomfortable symptoms and will become more and more serious, and as our bodies age, the symptoms will not disappear.

"Physical problems"-Without eating, the body still has uncomfortable symptoms and will continue.

"Improved reaction"-The symptoms of discomfort will only occur for a period of time after consumption, and the symptoms of discomfort will disappear after not eating. The symptoms of discomfort will gradually ease after become better.

Q: What is the difference between compound and unilateral?

Unilateral component:
Composed of a single potency component, specifically to enhance a single potency.

Compound ingredients:
Composed of several ingredients to increase product efficacy, safety and compliance.
Each of the above two methods has its own effectiveness. One side is relatively simple but may easily cause side effects due to the excessive strength of a single ingredient.
The combination of compound ingredients has high complexity and technology, and the combination of appropriate ingredients can have excellent complementary results.
Five- Mutual Generation seeks to improve the advantages of coexistence with the combination of compound ingredients to resolve the shortcomings of coherence, so as to truly achieve the goal of maintaining overall body health.
Modern maintenance concepts must use compound ingredients for daily maintenance, to avoid headaches and only the treatment of head pain, foot pain only treatment of shortcomings.

Q:Comparison of our powder bag with other capsule and tablet products

Capsule products

1-1 Most capsules contain animal ingredients: which make it difficult for vegetarian options .
1-2 Sources of capsule materials are inconsistent, which can be concerns for health and safety.
1-3 Capsules generally use gelatin ingredients, which are chemical ingredients and are not suitable for long-term consumption. If corn gum is used, its price is relatively high, which increases the cost, so it is rarely used.
1-4 Due to the limitation of capsule space, the content and types of ingredients are limited, which affects overall usefulness. If oversized capsules are used, there is a concern of being difficult to swallow, and the burden of intestinal digestion for middle-aged and elderly people.

Tablet products
2-1 Excipients (fillers) must be added, so there are really low active ingredients in tablets, and multiple tablets must be consumed at one time.
2-2 It is not easy to be digested and decomposed after entering the human body. The effect after eating is not easily processed quickly.

Liquid products
3-1 The total dissolved solid active ingredients in its liquid state is low, so the content of the active ingredient is relatively low.
3-2 Preservatives are added to liquid products to ensure their quality.

3-3 It is easily oxidized after opening the bottle.
3-4 The transportation cost of glass bottles is high, not portable

Solid powder (powder pack)
4-1 The solid component concentration is greater than the liquid state, which can effectively provide sufficient nutrients required by the body.
4-2 Easy use design for transporting solid powder (powder pack), contains a variety of ingredients, in ideal quantities for best a vitamin consumption and absorption.
4-3 It is portable, easy to eat, and can be consumed without water.
4-4 Special absorption method to achieve complete repair effect.
4-4-1 Oral consumption supplies nutrients.

To combat the areas that are lacking in the above-mentioned capsules and tablet products, we invest heavily in the development of solid powder packaging products with unique extraction technology and careful design so that our customers can get the most out of their nutrition.

Our aim is to provide the ideal ratio of nutritional composition so that all our nutrients can pass through the body's three major nutrient absorption channels.

Because of the effect of high-efficiency resveratrol, the vitality is enhanced, and the unique formula formulated by the Five- Mutual Generation principle multiplies the product's performance, which can maintain the youthful and beautiful state.