Year 2019

Hot Product - "Re Young", The outer packaging has been changed to highlight the herbal vegetable and fruit ingredients, and resveratrol is no longer the main product.
The increase of multiple plant extracts, lets everyone better understand the natural essence of the product and the compound multiplication effect. The "Always Relax" product that helps digestion has also changed the proportion of the formula, which can better help the gastrointestinal tract to maintain health.

Year 2014

The outside packaging for product "Renew3" was updated. The founder, Dr. Liaw Quan Xiang, invited National Chung Hsing University to conduct experiments on the effects of mitochondrial activity and animal experiments in cooperation with Chung Shan Medical University.
The empirical results are excellent. It also allowed Dr. Liaw, who was originally confident in the product, to be more powerful in explaining the nutritional foods of the Five Elements Compound.

Year 2018

Re Young is loved by our consumers.
During meetings with them, many shared the miraculous physical improvements they each experienced.
The company also integrated many cases for dealers to apply and allowed many people to recognize the multiple compound ingredients.

Year 2013

In order to make its own brand more popular, it was renamed "Huan Ling Biotechnology Co., Ltd." instead of using the compound-resveratrol as the company name and began to focus on the five elements of compound trans-resveratrol nutritious food.
The contents of products are different from many single-component products on the market, and product promotion on the market began under the name " Renew3".
In order to make nutritional supplements better, two new products, "Always Relax", which helps digestion, and the " Whiteness Repair Moisture Essences ", provides consumers with more choices.

Year 2017

Last year, the product "Renew3" was changed to "Re Young", This year, the product was improved from 30 ingredients to 35.
For the sixth-generation product, more compound ingredients will allow the body to supply more nutrients.
The market is being developed continuously, and it is expected that new foreign markets can be added in the future.

Year 2012

In addition to the product "Renew" being praised, in order to make consumers trust the stability of the product and the company, the company confirms that the manufacturer is an international manufacturer with ISO certification and HACCP.
It also cooperates with the manufacturer and markets in the international market.
In order to greet the Chinese mainland market, Houling Biotechnology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. was grandly opened.

Year 2016

With the changing of the times, the products have been continuously developed and refined, and "Renew3" has been revised to "Re Young".
The new product "Resveratrol Ultra Beauty Mask" was born, and "Whiteness Repair Moisture Essences" also changed to new packaging, ready to meet the next challenge. Planning to establish a new stronghold in Thailand in 2017, Every step of the calling age is worth being commemorated and we are eager to grow smoothly in the future.

Year 2011

The content of resveratrol was increased, as well as an additional increase to 25 overall ingredients and switch to aluminum bags for 3DMRA test, in which excellent results were returned.

The product "Huanling" participated in the selection of Taiwan's Snq National Quality Marks, and received a positive review from the review team.

The review agreed that the selected compound ingredients have the ability to protect the body of the consumer.

Year 2015

With the assistance of Dr. Yang Jinshun, the first full introduction to the five-element compound trans-resveratrol book "Resveratrol's Anti-aging Miracle" was completed. From professional points of view and numerous experimental evidences, the introduction reflects the research results of the five-element compound that is the main product principle of the company.

Year 2010

Established Taiwan Resveratrol Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a capsule-type nutritional food with the product "True Life" based on basic resveratrol content and 17 ingredients.