Product Design Principles

Space food is engineered with concentrated extracts to reduce the amount of food that is required to keep astronauts in peak physical condition.

Dr. Liaw applied advanced extraction technology to compound ingredients selected according to the ancient "5 Elements Mutual Generation Theory" in order to achieve a multiplicative effect.

Yeast, enzymes, and dietary fiber help improve the body's digestive function; different nutrients improves the health and function of body cells and activity of mitochondria; and proper nutrition can effectively inhibit the growth of cancer stem cells. Based on similar principles, Dr. Liaw carefully selected the appropriate nutrients in order to improve the major body physical functions of digestion, decomposition, metabolism, and absorption.

Laboratory tests in Taiwan have confirmed the effectiveness of selecting specific nutrients and manufacturing the product using the latest technology.

The product is designed using high-quality trans-resveratrol extracted from the skin of grapes from France, supplemented with dozens of nutritional compounds which are needed by the body such as antrodiacamphorata, Ganodermalucidum, Ginseng radix, Kelp, Marigold (containing lutein) and many other extracts. It is produced by the application of low-temperature extraction technology, tastes great, and comes in powder packets that are easy to take on-the-go.